Rule of Law Foundation

We are a nonprofit exposing the inherent evil of the authoritarian Chinese Communist Party government and supporting those seeking freedom and human rights for China.

Ukraine Rescue Operation

Ukraine Rescue Operation

The Rule of Law Foundation (ROLF) and New Federal State of China (NFSC) quickly mobilized a Poland-Ukraine 2022 mission to rescue Chinese nationals abandoned by the CCP and other nationals from the war zone.

Free Hong Kong

Free Hong Kong

ROLF demands and fights for independence and democracy in Hong Kong.

Xinjiang Uyghur Genocide

Xinjiang Uyghur Genocide

ROLF condemns CCP’s Xinjiang genocide and demands sanctions against all individuals and businesses that participate in it.

Taiwan Independence

Taiwan Independence

ROLF applauds U.S. leaders including Rep. Nancy Pelosi and former Secretary of State Pompeo supporting Taiwan’s independence against growing threats of invasion from the CCP.

Mr. Haidong Hao

Mr. Haidong Hao

Haidong Hao, a Chinese soccer superstar and former ROLF Chairman, proclaims the Declaration of New Federal State of ChinaSee full version

Mr. Miles Guo

Mr. Miles Guo

Mr. Miles Guo, co-founder of ROLF, speaking at the ROLF’s New York City launch event on November 20th, 2018.

The CCP Disappeared and Silenced

The CCP Disappeared and Silenced

The ROLF brings light to the growing number of high-profile athletes, artists, business people, and government officials silenced for criticizing the CCP and promises to support prominent whistleblowers and government defectors fleeing China.

Donate and help the ROLF's mission to seek democracy and freedom in China


What We Do

Promote the freedoms of speech, the press, to congregate, to freely own private property, and religion; and create general public oversight of government activities.

Receive and expose information of corruption, brutality, false imprisonment, excessive sentencing, harassment and inhumanity pervasive in the political, legal, business and financial system of China.

Investigate and report results to the appropriate government units so that they may take legal action against the relevant individuals and make the investigation results known to the public.

Save and assist individuals subject to political persecution or torture by Chinese authorities.

Protect individuals speaking out against corruption and illegal activities in China.

Make the exposure of information continuous and sustainable.

Testimonials and ActionFrom Our Whistleblower Community

Dear Sir or Madam: Millions of thanks to the Whistleblowers' Movement as I did not take any COVID vaccine. Thanks Mr. Guo for your painstaking efforts to educate us (not to take the jab). I am very grateful!

Support the Whistleblowers' Movement! Support the New Federal State of China!

Looking back on my life, what I have experienced in mainland China was like struggling in the muddy water. It was like my first reincarnation, during which I have witnessed all sorts of ugly things in life. After I left CCP China and emigrated, especially my life and experience in the (U.S.) Navy, it was like my second reincarnation. I opened my eyes, learned about the world, and experienced something different. Now, I understand it better that it is my third reincarnation that I have encountered the Whistleblowers' Movement and joined the New Federal State of China. This is where my third life is! Thanks to all my fellow fighters of the Whistleblowers' Movement! Thanks for the contributions and support of the Rule of Law Foundation! Thanks to brother Miles and all my fellow fighters who are faithful and hardworking as well as those who share the same values and mission with us around the world. I still have a lot to say, many things to share, and a lot of gratitude to express. You say it best when you say nothing at all!

My whole-hearted gratitude to all of the volunteers at the Rule of Law Foundation. Every second and every minute of your dedication is benefiting the well-being of the 7 billion human beings on earth. What you have done is unprecedented, and your love and actions will be recorded in the history of the new world. I am a mother of two 11-year old kids. On behalf of my kids, I want to express our determination to follow you and will contribute as much as we can.

(Donor's reply to the thank-you note from the Rule of Law Foundation staff): I still want to express my gratitude to you and the fellow fighters from the Himalaya Farms. If I kept that money in Communist China, it would turn into joss paper. I started to follow brother Miles very early on, and no one in my family took the COVID vaccine. No one could give us such a precious gift but the Whistleblowers' Movement, the New Federal State of China, and brother Miles. brother Miles saved the lives of my entire family. I want to and am obligated to donate to the Whistleblowers' Movement🙏🙏🙏. All these words are from the bottom of my heart. My entire family are and will be grateful to brother Miles for generations to come🙏🙏🙏. It's so miserable to live in Communist China and one day feels like years😭😭.

It is the indomitable spirit that brings us together, it is the kindness in our hearts that drives our cause, and it is the pursuit of faith that leads us to fight together. To reach our spiritual Himalaya, let's follow brother Miles and take down the CCP!

I am following and will follow (the Whistleblowers' Movement) forever till my last breath, and never become a slave. Take down the CCP!

On the 2nd anniversary, the New Federal State of China is on the world stage. After our efforts to support Hong Kong protests, the Ukraine Rescue Operation once again demonstrates the defiant spirit of our Chinese people. We are grateful to Mr. Bannon and Mr. Guo for providing us with a safe harbor and a world in which we can nestle our souls. It breaks our hearts to see students who should be energetic and cheerful on a daily basis being persecuted by the CCP and turned into zombies of no confidence, no thinking, no thoughts, and no smiles.

I pray to God, may all our fellow fighters be blessed with happiness, safety, health, success, and peace!

I have listened to the broadcasts of brother Miles and followed him for almost four years. I was very touched when I saw your rescue operation in Ukraine. I am doing my best to help.

I started following Mr. Guo and the Whistleblowers' Movement 5 years ago, and I was fortunate enough to become a citizen of the New Federal State of China (NFSC). I am very touched and so proud of all the heroic actions taken by the citizens of the NFSC, under the leadership of Mr Guo. Thanks to all the citizens of the NFSC. We are all on a God-given mission and blessed by God! As a donor of the Rule of Law Foundation, I'm donating another $1,000 to help the Whistleblowers' Movement as much as I can. Hope the heroic fellow fighters at the frontline can save more refugees, thanks🙏 Having listened to Miles Guo's broadcast for five years, I am enlightened and getting more and more courageous. I pledge to defend our Whistleblowers' Movement and the NFSC to the death. I firmly support the Rule of Law Foundation and Rule of Law Society! I am willing to fight the CCP, which is a bunch of villainous rogues, till the end. I swear that I won't stop until the CCP is eliminated.

Dear staff of the Rule of Law Foundation, and brothers and sisters participating in the humanitarian rescue at the frontline of the Russia-Ukraine war, please let me express my support for your actions. What you are doing is something that the fellow Chinese people inside mainland China could not accomplish in person. Wish brothers and sisters peace and wish your families health. Thanks!

Mr. Guo is the backbone of contemporary China. With his wisdom and courage, and adherence to the principle of only the truth prevails, he has awakened more and more people, while bringing the hope of destroying the tyranny of the CCP. Although my donation is as small as a drop of water in the ocean, isn't the ocean, into which countless rivers flow, made up of drops of water like this? This donation is my vote for Dr. Li Wenliang and those who are making their voice heard, for the establishment of genuine rule of law, democracy, and freedom, for the new China to be free of toxic milk powders in the future, for the absence of fraud when helping the elders, and for preventing the kind and righteous people from being hurt.

Even though our fellow fighters are not rich and have very little power, every one of us is a piece of straw or a match. When we gather together, we could make a camel collapse or create a sea of fire! Cremate the CCP!!! Without the CCP, there will be a new China! To take down the CCP, it needs you, it needs me, it needs every additional voice! 💪💪

Thanks to Miles Guo, Rule of Law Foundation, Rule of Law Society, and the New Federal State of China!

God bless Mr. Guo Wengui! God bless the Whistleblowers' Movement! God bless the New Federal State of China!

What an honor to be able to contribute as an overseas Chinese through this platform! I hope that all Chinese people can live a happy, free, and dignified life and have democracy and human rights! Keep it up! Leaving the message here is also to encourage me to keep moving forward!

Having been a follower of Mr. Guo for three years, I have never had any doubt about Mr. Guo and the Whistleblowers' Movement, and time only makes my faith stronger. Watching over 4000 videos over the past three years, I've regarded Mr. Guo as my great mentor and friend. You've enlightened me and opened my mind and enabled me to reacquaint my understanding of the world and myself. I hope I can live a more valuable life for the world and myself. You are the true hero. I am grateful to you and the tens of thousands of heroes who have quietly devoted themselves to the Whistleblowers' Movement. Thank you for your efforts to make China and the world better! God bless the New Federal State of China. Sincerely, a fellow fighter.

Although we are small donors, we are just like small ants gathering food together and piling the sand to build towers. Through our actions, we demonstrate to the world our determination to support the Whistleblowers' Movement, righteousness, and the New Federal State of China! Our donations are for providing timely aids for more fellow fighters in need. Taking down the CCP is the hope of all of us. We must take action, action, action!

I am a fellow fighter in mainland China. Around May of 2017, it was by chance that I saw Mr. Guo's live broadcast on YouTube, and I was particularly shocked by the death of Wang Jian, the Chairman of the board of HNA. I have been following brother Miles' broadcasts ever since and never missed a single episode. I felt it was imperative for me to join the Whistleblowers' Movement, and I did have setbacks in between. In January 2021, probably due to (the betrayal of) "9-finger Goblin", I was interrogated by the State Security Bureau, who took my cell phone and computer away for investigation. My parents were so frightened that they asked me not to break through the Great Fire Wall (by using VPN) anymore. I did refrain from doing so for two months. Then in April, I secretly opened an account at GTV and later at Gettr. It took me quite some effort to join a Himalaya Farm. Here I want to express my gratitude to the Whistleblowers' Movement, brother Miles, and our great fellow fighters around the world. It was you who gave me strength and courage. Till now, I have donated US$10,000 to the Rule of Law Foundation. This is, although very small, something that I can do for the New Federal State of China. Take down the CCP!

Dear the Rule of Law Foundation and all fellow fighters: I could not have convinced my father not to take the COVID vaccine. Now all I can do is to work even harder to spread the truth and the Whistleblowers' Movement so that the entire world will wake up and learn the evilness of the CCP. We will live a good life only when the CCP is taken down! Take down the CCP! CCP, you are finished!

Dear Rule of Law Foundation: Thanks to Mr. Guo, the Whistleblowers' Movement, Rule of Law Foundation (Society), and the New Federal State of China (NFSC) for all the effort you made for the vital interests of the Chinese and the future of the entire mankind. For an ordinary person like me from grassroot in mainland China, even if I only made a small amount of donation to the Rule of Law Foundation once, this very donation is imbued with my eager hope to have a new China with democracy, rule of law, and freedom. It is fair to say that the New Federal State of China carries the hopes of every Chinese for a better future, and I believe that the Whistleblowers' Movement will soon be able to completely destroy the Chinese Communist Party and bring freedom, democracy, and rule of law back to China.

You are like a boat in the vast sea, carrying the Chinese people who crave for democracy, rule of law, and freedom. Although it is a challenging journey, we will never give up and keep moving forward day and night!

In mainland China, I witnessed how the government, government agencies, authorities harmed the ordinary Chinese people and did whatever they wanted without any control. I was always angry from the bottom of my heart. At the end of 2017, I was lucky enough to break through the Great Fire Wall so that I was able to listen to Mr. Guo, who revealed countless egregious deeds committed by the Chinese Communist Party, and its corruption and accumulation of wealth via killings, which were proven by a plethora of facts and evidence. That inspired me to participate in the effort to blow the whistle. Taking down the CCP is absolutely the right choice. Follow brother Miles, follow the Whistleblowers' Movement, join the New Federal State of China, and carry the cause of taking down the CCP to the end.

For such a long time I had a mouth but could not speak, I had eyes but could not see, I had ears but could not hear, I had a brain but could not think. I had been suffering and struggling, trying to find peace, conscience, trying to achieve physical "health" to survive, so that I could keep my "body and mind" from degenerating and give hope to myself and my children. However, when I looked around, I saw darkness covering the sky. The future seemed extremely dark. I couldn't help but feel sad! Ever since I listened to Mr. Guo's live broadcast, the fire in my heart was ignited! That fire is the future and hope of my children! I must follow Mr. Guo with determination for myself and the future of my children! Only the truth prevails! Return faith to the people, give freedom back to the people, and get rid of tyranny in mainland China! Thanks to the Whistleblowers' Movement! Thanks to Mr. Guo!!!

Everything boils down to one phrase: Take down the CCP!

As a grass root, I cannot donate too much. However, every penny I donated was hard-earned. For the ordinary Chinese people who are living at the bottom of this society, and for the souls who were wrongly killed, we must take down the CCP! I couldn't be prouder of being a member of the New Federal State of China. I will keep in step with Mr. Guo to take down the CCP!

As a donor who can only contribute a little to the Rule of Law Foundation, I want to thank brother Miles and the Whistleblowers' Movement for giving me an opportunity to support the democratic movement for China. Although I have been living overseas for a long time, I am always concerned about my family members and friends in China and what's going on over there. It was by chance that I once watched Bother Miles' video on YouTube and was so impressed by the information he exposed, and those democratic activists cannot even compare to him. I have been following brother Miles' whistle-blowing ever since, and I have witnessed how the CCP has been using the resources of the entire nation to attack brother Miles. So, I am even more convinced that the Whistleblowers' Movement is the platform and the movement that will lead the Chinese people to democracy and rule of law. I am not a rich person and cannot donate too much to the Rule of Law Foundation. I am grateful to brother Miles and the Whistleblowers' Movement for providing us with a platform to take down the CCP. The Rule of Law Foundation is a platform that gathers all the Chinese grass roots who are longing for democracy, rule of law, and freedom. As an individual, each of us is not strong enough, but together, we will influence the world. My gratitude to brother Miles and the Whistleblowers' Movement. 🙏

To the Chinese Communist Party: You must repay tens of thousands or millions of times the blood debt you owed and owe to the Chinese people for the past 70 years. It is Karma… CCP, you are finished!

Every time I watch brother Miles' broadcasts, I feel he is like a master in a Kungfu fantasy story whose capabilities are so strong and immeasurable, leading a bunch of silly disciples waiting to be enlightened. I am so grateful to God for sending brother Miles to the Chinese people. From day one when I watched brother Miles' broadcast, I became a member of his silly disciples 😂. My gratitude goes to brother Miles and the Whistleblowers' Movement. May God bless the New Federal State of China. May God bless the Chinese people so that they will stay away from poverty and live a beautiful and peaceful life.

I'm really fortunate and blessed for being a follower of brother Miles and a follower of the Whistleblowers' Movement and the New Federal State of China.

Big thanks to the Rule of Law Foundation/Society for building a solid foundation for the New Federal State of China by serving as the bridge connecting the New Federal State of China with the international society.

Thanks brother Miles, the Whistleblowers' Movement, and all the genuine fellow fighters!

I commented on brother Miles in June 2020: The self-redemption of a nation by one man. I made another comment on brother Miles in June 2021: Save the people of the world by letting the world know how to distinguish between good and evil, and right and wrong by returning to the Way of Righteousness that promotes truth, kindness, and virtue. Only the truth prevails. Only the truth leads to kindness. Only the truth leads to virtues. Repay kindness with kindness. Treat the people you resent with justice and righteousness. Don't just be tolerant. Only being truthful can you be relentless. Know what is good and evil, discern right from wrong; Fair competition and fair play; Decentralize and take the bottom-up approach; Thanks to brother Miles! Thanks to the Whistleblowers' Movement! Thanks to the New Federal State of China! It's my honor to witness it! It's my honor to participate in it! Take Down the CCP!

I am a long-time fellow fighter who has been following the Whistleblowers' Movement since the establishment. I used to live in mainland China and couldn't do much. I left mainland China in 2020 and finally was able to make my contribution. To the extent that I can afford, I have been donating on a monthly basis. I am grateful to the Whistleblowers' Movement for giving me a second life! I will always follow the Whistleblowers' Movement! I am so proud that I am finally awakened and enlightened. My gratitude to the Rule of Law Foundation! From a determined grandma fellow fighter.

It was Miles who lit up the darkness in my heart. It was the Rule of Law Foundation that made it possible for a grass root like me to have a family. Although I was unable to invest in the G-series because I have no money, I am so happy to see we have so many fellow fighters with capabilities, and I no longer feel lonely. The moment when Miles blew the whistle on the antidote (to the CCP virus), I felt the clock stopped ticking. So many people in the world were killed by the CCP virus, but an ordinary medicine could save lives (the CCP does not want the world to know the antidote). The devil has designed one scheme after another and killed so many innocent grass roots along with moguls in the world. It has been two years and the killing continues without a sign of slowing down. What a horrible world. I am so grateful to Miles and could not hold back my tears whenever I listened to his songs. I am grateful to all the overseas fellow fighters! God bless brother Miles! God bless all of our fellow fighters!

Thanks to the Rule of Law Foundation and the Rule of Law Society for escorting the citizens of the New Federal State of China to enter the real new era of democracy and rule of law.

I had gone through numerous agonies and reflections and lost hope multiple times, until I came across brother Miles and the Whistleblowers' Movement that gave me hope, which is like a beam of light in the vast darkness. The most fortunate thing in my life is to participate in the Whistleblowers' Movement and make my trivial contribution, which makes my life worthwhile. The Whistleblowers' Movement would not succeed without our fellow fighters, including those on the stage or behind the scenes. There have been so many touching moments that cannot be described with words. I laughed when brother Miles laughed, and then tears would fill my eyes. I know everything we have was achieved at a price, with the sacrifice from numerous fellow fighters and brother Miles, who are willing to contribute everything, including their lives. I tell myself all the time: Be patient. I am growing together with the Whistleblowers' Movement and have a whole new understanding of faith. I learned what genuineness, kindness, and toughness is, and I understand the difference between wisdom and calculating. I still have many weaknesses, and I will stay humble and keep learning. I am grateful to our fellow fighters, the Whistleblowers' Movement, the New Federal State of China, and the Himalaya Farms. I will never forget how I got here: "Dear brothers and sisters, have you worked out? Everything is just beginning. 🙏"

Thanks to brother Miles! Thanks to the New Federal State of China! Thanks to the Whistleblowers' Movement! In the past over four years, I have experienced the brotherhood of fellow fighters, opened up my mind, and widened my horizon. I am more convinced that the power of faith, the Way of Righteousness, and the principle of "only the truth prevails" is the bright path to save our fellow Chinese from suffering. This has inspired me to fight for the rest of my life!

As one of the most ordinary citizens of the New Federal State of China, I have a modest conscience and a grand wish. May our mothers never suffer again. May our children never be harmed or killed by the devil!

Thanks for the Rule of Law Foundation and Rule of Law Society for everything you have done for those faithful and courageous Chinese people! I am one of the beneficiaries. I just recovered from the CCP virus thanks to the help of the nearby fellow fighters. So, the first thing I do after recovery is to donate to the Rule of Law Foundation once again. I know that doing so can help more people to recover from the virus. My personal experience shows that we must love our fellow fighters more and love our Whistleblowers' Movement and the New Federal State of China (NFSC). Because here we help each other and are friendly and united. We will surely save more human beings. We will prove that via our actions. I love you, brother Miles, citizens of the NFSC, and my dear fellow fighters. My gratitude to your existence. I am very honored to become a donor to the Rule of Law Foundation. The Rule of Law Foundation and the Rule of Law Society are the Noah's Ark for our Chinese people. It will save Chinese men and women from miseries and lead us to a civilized society with rule of law!

It's my honor to donate to the Rule of Law Foundation. The Rule of Law Foundation/Society is the Noah's Ark for our Chinese people that helps us escape hardship and leads us into a civilized society with the rule of law!

Being enlightened by brother Miles, I had opportunities to meet with fellow fighters from all over the world who uphold righteousness. I am grateful to the Whistleblowers' Movement. "For The Freedom," I am a citizen of the New Federal State of China. "Take Down The CCP!" Our determination to take down the CCP will never fade!

I was born in the 1990s, and I am a fellow fighter from mainland China. Although I live a decent life and have a decent job, I always feel that something is wrong with this country, in which every corner is filled with falsehoods, boasting, and empty promises. There are huge disparities between the prosperity shown on the TV news and the real lives of the grassroots. Where on earth does this go wrong? What is the root cause? Mr. Guo's live broadcasts have given me the answers. The Chinese people are living a really pathetic life and struggling with their livelihood. They have been repeatedly brainwashed and still show their gratitude to the CCP. The root cause is the CCP who pushes the hard-working and good-hearted Chinese people into totalitarian hell without letting them realize it.

The Chinese Communist Party is a shameless and evil party that has murdered and harmed numerous common people via the suppression of landlords, killings of the rich people, the Great Leap Forward, Three-anti and Five-anti Campaigns, the Culture Revolution, family planning, and corruption. Yet it still wants us to be grateful for the Party's kindness, to believe that the Party is dearer than our parents, and to listen to the Party on everything. We Chinese people should no longer be silent and should not be afraid of them anymore. Our grandfathers and fathers spent their entire life in a muddling way while working hard and having to swallow the hardship. It couldn't be more pathetic. For ourselves and our children, who were born to be humans rather than slaves, we must show our courage that was hidden at the bottom of our hearts to do something! On February 22, 2019, I followed my heart and overcame the fear to donate to the Rule of Law Foundation, and after that I made donations again, spread the words about the Whistleblowers' Movement, and disseminated the truth! At this moment, my life has been completely changed. Self-confidence, courage, and kindness is all over me. I no longer care about others' opinions. Because I live every moment with gratitude and hope. I am fully confident in the cause of pursuing our spiritual Himalaya and ready to embrace the arrival of a great era! Thanks to Mr. Guo and the fellow fighters with the same pursuit.

I didn't donate very much. I made about 8 or 9 donations. My initial purpose was very simple: to ask Mr. Guo to avenge those who harmed the brave people of Hong Kong. If opportunities permit, I will try my best to make donations until China becomes a society under the real rule of law.

In 2017, I happened to watch brother Miles's live broadcasts on YouTube. The unique charm of his broadcasts made me, who had never heard of Mr. Guo before, choose to believe brother Miles's words. The disclosure of Hainan Airlines (HNA) flight logs enhanced what I had believed. The principle that "Only the truth shall prevail" unites all our fellow fighters. As parents, in order to have safe food and non-toxic air, to prevent our kids from being abused by RYB Education, and to own the basic right to survival, we have no other way around but to spread the truth and take down the CCP.

The Rule of Law Foundation is the cornerstone of the New Federal State of China. It is our duty and obligation to proactively make donations.

The unyielding spirit brings us together, the kind thoughts make us follow, and the faith we pursue enables us to fight together. For the Himalaya we are dreaming of, we will always follow brother Miles to take down the CCP!

I am a grass root born in the 1990s in Communist China. Before knowing the Whistleblowers' Movement, I was like the majority of people and had no outlook on life and values. I kind of enjoyed being brainwashed by the news and was happy that I could luckily live my life without caring about anything else but my own business! However, after joining the Whistleblowers' Movement, I came to realize that everyone's outlook on life and values would deeply affect our lives! Because of the CCP's brainwashing, people can't correctly view and treat themselves. They don't care about politics, and as a result, they end up becoming slaves to politics! Over the past three years, the warnings I've been given by the CCP, the interrogations of me conducted by the State Security agents, and the experience of being a volunteer in the Whistleblowers' Movement have helped me better understand the meaning of my participation in the Whistleblowers' Movement. If brother Miles hadn't been so selfless and brave to stand up and fight by exposing the evil and the lies of the CCP, what would all this be like today? What direction would our society head in? The evil of the CCP has gone beyond normal people's comprehension. As stated in the Declaration of the New Federal State of China: The elimination of the CCP is not only the need of justice, but also of all mankind! There will be no peace in the world unless the CCP is taken down! When I knew that I could donate to the Rule of Law Foundation, I've never hesitated to make donations after I did the first one in July 2019, and I've never worried about whether or not it would put me at risk. At the moment I decided to donate, I promised myself that I would donate $10 per month and once every five months! As long as I can still send money out of Communist China, I will keep donating until the CCP perishes! The purpose of my donations is for a hope, and for demonstrating my determination and will to participate in the Whistleblowers' Movement and to destroy the CCP! I hereby swear that I will follow brother Miles to take down the CCP and defend the New Federal State of China! I voted to take down the CCP for the sake of our future generations and us so we will be able to have a free and safe social environment, basic human rights, rule of law, and democracy!

At this critical time when a life-and-death disaster is approaching, the Way of Righteousness is the only choice for mankind. The New Federal State of China and the Rule of Law Foundation offer all Chinese around the world a sunny avenue to freedom, democracy, and rule of law. The Whistleblowers' Movement adheres to the principle that only the truth shall prevail. Take down the CCP!

I am most fortunate to have met Mr. Guo and the Whistleblowers' Movement in my life, and I feel that my life has been full of hope from then on. In order to prevent us and our descendants from being enslaved, fellow fighters, let's keep on moving and take down the CCP!

I am a retired teacher living n Communist China. I have devoted myself to the rescue of stray dogs in mainland China. My years of teaching and dog rescue efforts have made me skeptical of the CCP's system. I heard about the "4/19 cut-off VOA interview incident" from my sister. At that time, I thought it was nothing but a farce in which a Lai Changxing-like man stars. Anyway, I began to follow Mr. Guo intermittently and dubiously. In the minds of Chinese people, the state policies are all good. The wrongdoers are those who execute the policies. It is unbelievable that the kleptocrats have stolen so much money! Mr. Guo's team went to Provence and investigated how Wang Jian died on July 3rd, which enabled me to have a clear understanding of the root of the CCP's evil! Since then, I've started to spread information about the Whistleblowers' Movement among my friends. I firmly believe that only Mr. Guo is capable of leading all of us into a society of rule of law, democracy, and freedom!

I have been following the Whistleblowers' Movement for 4 years and have been interrogated 9 times by the State Security agents, but I have never felt scared because it is them who are supposed to fear. Persevere ✊, persevere ✊, persevere ✊, till the time when the CCP is taken down, and let the Way of Righteousness take root on the soil of China… Uphold justice, and return rights and dignity to the people!

The Rule of Law Foundation is the home base where Mr. Guo rallies his fellow fighters together. It provides the legal basis for the establishment of the New Federal State of China, and it is a microscope for Western countries and even the whole world to reacquaint the Chinese people and the CCP and differentiate one from the other completely. It also serves as the frontline for the fellow fighters of the Whistleblowers' Movement led by Mr. Guo to launch wave after wave of attacks against the CCP. It will become the supervisory agency that guarantees the separation of powers of the new government after Communist China is liberated! I hereby pay tribute to the Rule of Law Foundation!

Make it your mission to destroy the CCP! This is the most basic requirement for being a human!

The Rule of Law Foundation is the real hope and solid cornerstone of the New Federal State of China!

May God bless China, bless Miles Guo, and bless the fellow fighters and the New Federal State of China!

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